Blue LED Devices

Introducing our blue indicator products, the LED Speaker and Standalone Ceiling Cluster!

Both products have the 5 second ramp up technology built in, the same as other red products, and integrate into the IP Controller.

The blue indicator products are generally not to be used as egress lighting but for notification purposes in living quarters and general use areas.

For more information about our new blue indicator products, email

We’re Getting Back Out There!

We’re excited to return to the trade show/expo circuit!

Stop by our booth at FRI 2021 or FDIC 2021 and view our new mobile app, SmartHub! For FRI, we are booth #18108 and #207 at FDIC.

FRI 2021 Event Info

FDIC 2021 Event Info

APS Firehouse Alerting Provides Lunch and Dinner

On April 21, APS Firehouse Alerting was honored to provided lunch and dinner to Carroll County Public Safety 911 Dispatchers and staff in recognition and appreciation of their work for National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.

APS Firehouse Alerting Donates Heat Straps

On February 4th, Mark Hare, President of APS Firehouse Alerting was happy to be able to donate 30 Heat Straps, specially designed glove holders for firefighters, to Manchester Volunteer Fire Department. He also donated $300 in memory of a member of MVFD, FF Brent Hahn.

Go to to check out their product.

Talleyville Fire Company – Wilmington, DE

Installed in the existing building

Systems Includes:

  • APS Controller and field devices
  • FASTalert
  • FASTmessaging
  • FASTmobile
  • FASTweb
  • LCD displays
  • LED lighting in rooms throughout the station
  • Ramping of volume upon an alert
  • Zoned alerting and reset functions in EMS bunkroom
  • Centrally located volume control
  • Text to Speech alerting

Lafayette Fire Company- Lancaster, PA

Installed in new building

Systems Includes:

  • APS Controller and field devices


  • Bunkroom and engine room lights upon alert
  • Ramping of volume upon an alert
  • Cycles siren and provide reset and manual activation
  • Stove shutdown and reset upon alert
  • Opens door upon alert
  • Master reset button