A full featured alerting controller that integrates with your entire alert system and provides complete control to get you on the scene faster.


Non-Proprietary Equipment

  • Compatible with industry standard products.
  • Volume Controls, 12 Volt DC lighting, commercial 70 volt speakers.

Easily Installed

The system will be programmed by APS and easily installed by the end user or contractor, using predefined terminal descriptions.

Remote Accessible

Configuration changes can be securely made from anywhere at any time using the built in web interface.

Redundant CAD/RF Alerting

Our system is able to alert from both CAD and RF (using 2-tone decoder), allowing for alerting back-up in the event that either method fails.

Audio Features

  • Self ramping speakers.
  • Custom alert tones.
  • Multiple audio inputs (Fire radio, Telephone, Mutual aid).
  • Alert audio of specific doorbell activation.

Timer Functions

  • Response count-up timer
  • On/off timer schedules (siren, bells, lights, exterior speakers).

Information Displays

  • Displays CAD information on alert with mapped routing.
  • Customizable non-emergency panes including DOT cameras
    weather radar, announcements, last call, Gmail calendar, camera view.

Seamless Integration

  • Integrates with our FAST alerting system.
  • Integrates with APS Who’s In
  • Works with emergency ring down phones.
  • Existing devices (bells, lighting, door activation).

Modular Design

  • Provides 16 inputs and 16 outputs
  • Multiple zones available (dorm, exterior, engine bay, etc.).
  • Multiple resets available (system, stove, dorm specific).
  • Unit specific alerting (EMS, Fire, Squad, Truck).
  • Display incident data and non-emergency screen.
  • Mutual aid alerting by CAD and RF.
Typical Alerting System Layout

Using our video module, the LED displays share non-emergency data on multiple panes customized by the end user.



  • Active 911 interface to provide incident data, water supplies and personnel response.
  • Easily installed by your department or contractor.
  • Multiple displays can be hardwired using our CAT6 HDMI extenders.
  • APS provided commercial display; automatically turns on after a power outage and includes a 3-year warranty.
  • APS supplied video module comes pre-programmed.

Emergency Data

  • Incident data provided by Active 911.
  • Built in response timer.
  • Enhanced mapped routing from your station.
  • Hydrants displayed using Active 911 data.
  • Live incident responder updates using Active 911 data.
  • Audible alert tone provided using display speakers.

Optional Panes of Non-Emergency Information

  • Scheduling interface using available API.
  • Weather radar.
  • Last call information including incident location and routing map.
  • Station announcements.
  • Gmail calendar.
  • Displays URL (website, camera).
  • Displays Who’s In System – our customizable personnel and equipment accountability system (sold separately).
  • Call history.

    *The IP Display can easily be upgraded to our IP Alerting Controller.

    Personnel and equipment accountability system designed to assist with tracking personnel time and assignments while in station, equipment I/O of service and assist with reports.


    Non-Proprietary Equipment

    • Compatible with industry standard products.

    Easily Installed

    • The system will be pre-programmed for your station.
    • Externally powered.
    • Connected to the station network.
    • Can be mounted on the wall or tabletop.

    Information Displays

    • Display personnel within a non-emergency pane of who is in the station and their assignment.
    • Assign personnel to a specific apparatus.
    • display units I/O service using card or key fob.
    • Color of the name changes according to pre-set times.

    Seamless Integration

    • Allows the use of your current non-proprietary credentials.


    • Reports can be run and exported for maintaining various logs by name, day, week, month, and year.

    Emergency Features

    • Display an in-house developed or dynamically generated map alongside incident data on the LCD monitors.  The dynamic map zooms in and places a marker at the incident location.  In addition, the map will display markers for all surrounding road closures, water sources, and traffic.
    • Display incident alert details on LED signs and LCD monitors.
    • Plays text to speech information about your incident over your P.A. system, including incident description, unit(s) due and incident address.
    • Send emails, text messages, and/or alphanumeric pages of incident alerts.

    Non-Emergency Panes

    • Doppler Radar weather map.
    • Live WebCam of key area streets, bridges, etc.
    • 24hr incident history.
    • Hospital status.
    • Equipment status.
    • Upcoming events.
    • Road Closures.
    • Duty Schedules.
    • State Emergency Management Information.

    The IP Alerting Controller is used to control a vast array of devices that when put together, create your customized alerting system.  Some of our most utilized devices are listed.

    Product Portfolio

    LED Notifier

    Multi-colored custom alerting LED light. Cycles through a custom set of colors. Ceiling or wall mounted. Associate color with apparatus alerting. Used in bunk rooms and social areas.

    LED Cluster

    12VDC High-lux red LED light. Ceiling or wall-mounted. Works well in dorms and hallways where existing speakers are located. Includes 5 second ramp up function. 12VDC @ 0.17 Amps.

    8-inch Speaker with LED

    Circular speaker that works in all locations. Accessories include a drop ceiling bridge and a back can. Includes one 12VDC LED light fixture to be activated during an alert. Speaker includes multiple wattage 25v/70v speaker taps. Includes a 5 second ramp up function. 12VDC @ 0.17 Amps.

    Strobe Light

    Individual strobe lights. Ceiling or wall mountable. (Available in Red, Blue, Amber, Clear)

    60-Watt Amplifier

    Our low wattage amplifier provides a low-cost solution for new or retrofit projects. This amplifier includes one 60-watt 70V speaker output along with 3 line level inputs and 1 mic input. This device fits the design specifications of many installations and is scalable from small to large projects.

    10/35-Watt Volume Control

    Volume Controls that include an over-ride relay that will kick the volume up to a MAX volume when there’s an alert. Wattage depends on the number of speakers connected to it.

    8-inch Speaker

    Circular speaker that works in all locations. Can be used where ceiling tiles are not available or in finished ceilings. Accessories include a drop ceiling bridge and a back can.

    Omni-Directional Loudspeaker

    Our premier solution for interior engine bay audio. These speakers hang directly from the ceiling and can be used to distribute clean audio to an entire engine room.

    External Loudspeaker

    Our standard exterior speaker solution. These loudspeakers are used to distribute audio to outside areas.

    Moisture Resistant Ceiling Mount Speakers

    These surface mount speakers install very easily and are a great solution for bathrooms, closets or humid areas.

    Commercial Display Monitor

    Commercial grade with a 3-year warranty. Available in 32-75” display. Automated power on in the event of a power outage. Built for 24/7 use.

    Alert Selector

    Allows functions to be selected for specific notifications. Ideal for individual offices or specialized bunk areas.

    Stove Reset Switch

    Reset switch with visual status LED.

    Alert System Reset Switch

    Mushroom-style reset switch for full station or individual zone reset.