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Custom Design Drawings

Every project we build custom design drawings for your project to look over, make changes, and approve. This ensures that you feel confident in what you’re buying and how it’s being used.

What Is Included?

Firefighter Safety

Systems designed with firefighter safety in mind:

Ramped Alert Tones – reduces stress upon waking responders

Ramped Red L.E.D. Lighting – preserves night vision in low light scenarios

Custom Design

Custom station alerting design, including single and multiple station layouts

Service Experience

Systems designed by staff with vast fire service experience

Work with Us

Work side-by-side with architects during the design phase for new construction and renovations

Floor Plans

Providing a floor plan will allow us to create a custom alerting system for your station

Wiring Diagrams

Point-to-point wiring diagrams provided for local installation by qualified installer

Station retrofit projects

We retrofit only what is needed, if you have components that are compatible we will incorporate them into the new system. Saving you money!

We Work With Each Customer

Firehouse Alerting works with each customer to meet their specific project needs, we believe that starts at the design phase. Understanding fire stations and what separates them from other building layouts and requirements sets us apart from others. If you are upgrading your system or building a completely new station, we can help with designing an effective alerting solution that will stand the test of time.

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