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station alerting systems


Firehouse Alerting Systems are built to minimize response times and maximize efficiency and safety.


Firehouse Alerting Systems are truly built by firefighters for firefighters. At the core of APS, we have over 100+ years of combined service in the Fire & Rescue industry. In collaboration with our engineers, software developers, and installers, we have produced a system that we are extremely proud of. 

Our systems have been installed across the United States and Canada and continue to serve their communities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our dynamic spectrum of employees is the heart of APS that allows us to not only understand the unique needs of the fire service, but bridge cultural and procedural issues that can hinder a project’s progression.

Our system starts the moment of dispatch and ends when your unit returns to quarters. We strive to build a system that takes advantage of supplied call information, your station’s needs and blends it seamlessly to provide a customized system to get you to the scene quickly and safely. 

From station announcements, alert lighting, in-station awareness, remote app integration, we cover it all.

Station Lighting

Firehouse Alerting utilizes the full spectrum of lighting options to meet your needs. From illuminating hallways, bunkrooms, or apparatus bays for safety, to inform personnel of the incoming call types with stacked or multi-color lights. Providing options to quickly reset or program lights on timers to better manage your system.

Station Speakers

The old round speaker we all grew up with in high school listening to morning announcements will not work in a fire station! 

Having proper speakers in the correct location is essential to the operation of a fire house but also the hearing safety of personnel. The sound profiles of a fire station can range from near quiet to over 120 decibels. We use speakers that are built specifically for their environment to maximize efficiency and longevity without sacrificing sound quality or safety.

Station Alerting TVs

We build our systems to not only last but also to be dependable, because your community has come to depend on emergency services arriving as quickly as possible. 

Displays are an integral component of the overall system and its function. Displays centralize and disseminate information in an effective way when every second counts. 

We utilize commercial grade displays due to their ability to manage varying levels of moisture, enhanced ability to prevent burn-in, and durability over time.


The APS IP Controller is truly the brains of our alerting systems. 

This rack mounted controller requires minimal space while maintaining flexibility and processing power. Our controller is fully NFPA-1225 compliant and manufactured locally by APS.

A full featured alerting controller that integrates with your entire alert system and provides complete control to get you on the scene faster and safer.

APS SmartHub integrates with the controller allowing bi-directional communication between members and the alerting system via in-station displays and mobile devices.


Non-Proprietary Equipment

Compatible with industry standard products.

Volume Controls, 12 Volt DC lighting, commercial 70 volt speakers.

Easy Installation

The system will be programmed by APS and easily installed by the end user or contractor, using predefined terminal descriptions.

Remote Accessible

Configuration changes can be securely made from anywhere at any time using the built in web interface.

Redundant CAD/RF Alerting

Our system is able to alert from both CAD and RF (using 2-tone decoder), allowing for alerting back-up in the event that either method fails.

Incident data is forwarded directly to the alerting controller at the station for quicker alerting and display times.

Modular Design

Multiple zones available (dorm, exterior, engine bay, etc.)

Multiple resets available (system, stove, dorm specific)

Unit specific alerting (EMS, Fire, Squad, Truck)

Mutual aid alerting by neighboring CAD and RF

Information Displays

Displays CAD information on alert with mapped routing

Customizable non-emergency panes including DOT cameras, weather radar, announcements, last call, Gmail calendar, camera view

Display incident data and non-emergency screen

In Station Safety Features

Network camera integration that will display a front door camera when the doorbell is pressed

Medical emergency alerts in the station for emergencies in the fitness rooms

Seamless Integration

Integrates with our FAST alerting system.

Integrates with APS SmartHub

Works with emergency ring down phones

Existing devices (bells, lighting, door activation)

Timer Functions

Response count-up timer

On/off timer schedules (siren, bells, lights, exterior speakers)

Shift change audio/wake-up audio/station duties 

Aps Smarthub

The Mobile Application

APS SmartHub features a mobile application jam-packed with functionality. The iOS and Android applications are tightly integrated with your alerting controller at your station, providing information at your fingertips, and complete control to get you on the scene faster.


The SmartHub Display

APS SmartHub features a beautiful, customizable, non-emergency display that integrates seamlessly with your entire alerting system. We have loaded the non-emergency display with features, and there is more to come!

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