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FireHouse Alerting That
Meets Your Requirements

Made By Firefighters For Firefighters



APS Firehouse Alerting was founded by and is currently comprised of career and volunteer firefighters, with roles ranging from firefighters, EMTs, and chiefs. We have lived the fire service life from the 3am calls, the adrenaline filled box alarms, to the routines, demands and stresses that occur every shift. APS understands the flow of a call and the importance of getting the correct information to the right personnel as safely and fast as possible. Because of our combined 100+ years of first responder experience, APS speaks your language; we understand the unique hurdles and issues you’re faced with when it comes to alerting system needs.


Seamless integration with your CAD system, capturing all incident information and
processing it based on your
specific requirements.


100+ years of combined experience in the fire service, we understand your needs better than anyone.


A team of fire service professionals and technical experts are ready to work with you to meet the needs of your team.

Flexible & Scalable

Our system’s flexibility is why we build one fire station at a time, to meet each station’s unique needs now and for the future.

Competitive Pricing

Our systems are built to meet your project specifications and budget. Let our team’s expertise guide the project. 

Return On Investment

Our warranties and post sales support assures confidence in your investment and the alerting system.

What Station personnel Are Saying

aps has customers across the united states, guam, and canada

At APS we work with a full spectrum of customers, including single fire departments, townships, cities with a few stations, and full county districts. Each one with different alerting needs. Working with station personnel or government employees, we make sure all your alerting needs are met. We offer service in all 50 states. The map below shows the states that APS currently has alerting stations in. Each customer comes with there own special alerting requirements and with our always advancing alerting systems, we can meet each of those requirements.

Why Going With APS IS SMART

APS is committed to providing alerting systems that meet your needs. We build systems, one fire station at a time so you are assured all the individual project needs are addressed from alpha to delta sides. APS systems are backed by years of experience and tested practices that have a proven track record of providing affordable solutions. APS stands by our customers, your crew, every step of the way because we understand how crucial these systems are to the communities you serve.

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